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Time and Energy

It can often be healthier to accept that some things are out of our control. It is important to think about where our time and energy is best spent and to get on with those things. Getting bogged down with things that we have little influence over or have very little chance of affecting can lead to aggravation, disappointment and procrastination.

It can be frustrating when things don’t appear to be going our way or obstacles keep getting placed ahead of us, but on the flip side, it can be invigorating when we are able to identify where we can make the most impact and are able to do so. The sense of achievement that can be felt at those times is almost indescribable.

At times when I feel I am not making progress I like to think of the below picture and it brings me back to a sense of realistic expectation.

If we look at the circle of control first, we should try to identify those things we can directly manage. This can be in our personal and professional lives, it can be how we spend our free time, it can be what we choose to spend our money on; anything that we are able to make a conscious choice about.

Next, we can look at our circle of influence and attempt to identify those things that we cannot directly manage but that which we can have an informed opinion on. This can include our personal and professional relationships; our families, friends and work colleagues. With each of these relationships there will be a varying degree of influence that we are able to have on the interactions and choices that occur.

Lastly, we should look at the world. This can frequently be the area that causes most discomfort as it is the area that we have almost no control over. This includes the economy, the political situation and people who we have no relationships with (among many others!). It is important to take note of these external factors, but also to be able to put them in a box marked “Nothing I can do about these! Yet.”

What is more powerful is to focus on our circle of control. How do I want to live my life? What ideas are important to me? What do I want to spend my spare time doing? What makes me happy? What do I want to be doing more of?

If we can focus on answering those questions, then I think we’ll go some way to achieving prosperity.





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