I started coaching over 10 years ago without even realising that's what I was doing. Being responsible for a large team of people, I soon found that they were gravitating to me as a calm voice and as someone who they could speak to without judgement.

Fast forward to two years ago and after reflecting on my experiences, I realised that I had an aptitude for this and decided to embark on a journey of personal development, in both myself and others.

I am an ILM trained Coach and Mentor and have a Diploma in Learning and Development from the CIPD. Additionally, I am a Social Mobility Foundation Mentor, a STEM ambassador and a Mental Health First Aider.

At the start of 2019, I took the plunge and decided to begin my self-employed adventure as I felt ready and willing to share the knowledge that I have acquired in order to help individuals and organisations to aspire, perform and prosper.